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T-K FITNESS offerings


  Looking to get started, but not sure how far you’re ready to go?  Try a training plan to see how it can work for you.  Includes free consultation and a customized training plan to suit your lifestyle and preferences, as well as a follow-up session to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Training Plans  $50.00 each


  Want to take your training to the next level or feel like you do better with one-on-one motivation?  Try a personal training session, or for on-going support, choose a package that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

All sessions are facilitated by an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.

One-on-One Personal Training

$50.00 per hour

5 Sessions $200.00 ($40.00 per hour)

10 Sessions $300.00 ($30.00 per hour)

15 Sessions $375.00 ($25.00 per hour)


Have big goals or looking to make major changes in your life?  We are here to support you.  Choose from health coaching services for holistic lifestyle support, goal setting, accountability, and motivation to make lasting change in all aspects of your life.  Are you interested in competing in bodybuilding, races, or other activities?  Let us help you prepare with coaching, dietary support, and motivation to do your best.  Need help with meal prep, nutrition challenges, or cooking lessons?  We are here for you!  Not sure what you need?  Contact us to arrange for a customized program that provides you with support for your diet, lifestyle, training, or just motivation to be your best! 

Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs.

Holistic Health Coaching

Competition Prep

Meal Prep

Customized Services

Discounts are offered for couples or families!